Providing Direction for your Digital Presence

Your digital presence hinges on your website, but it is so very much more than that. In order to activate that presence to support your broader business goals, you need a strong strategy that connects all the moving parts and gets them working together like clockwork. Defining that strategy is our absolute specialty.

Our Expertise

Digital Strategy

I need to raise revenue by 10%. How can my website help me do that? Do I need to put more effort behind social media? How do I put SEO tactics into action? How do I measure success? – If these are questions you’re asking, you’ve come to the right place. We have over15 years of experience creating integrated digital strategies to help you allocate your resources and build an online presence that makes an impact. We help our clients ask the right questions AND find the right answers.

Web Design Strategy

You want to redesign your site?  Great! Your website is the backbone of your online presence and sets the tone for your brand, so when it comes to your digital strategy, this is the place to start. Fortunately, you don’t have to be aware of the hundreds of factors that come into play when redesigning your site. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll audit your existing web presence, analyze your current digital position and tell you what you need (and definitely what you don’t need) to make your redesign a success.

Content Strategy

Everything you do line contains content – your website, social media, emails, blog and more. An effective content strategy will help you figure out what to say and how to say it. But we take it a step further. We’ll also help you determine the personality and voice of your brand. We’ll create a strategy that prioritizes your audiences, aligns your message with your goals, and creates content workflows within your organization.

User Experience Consulting

“The site’s not working, but we don’t know why.” We hear that a lot. Lucky for you, we have the tools and expertise to tell you why it’s not working and the experienced designers to fix your usability problems. User testing, wireframe and template creation, and functionality audits make up just a small part of the consulting process. We’ve helped over 100 clients use these tools and more.

Online Marketing Strategy

There are hundreds of paid online advertising opportunities out there. Finding the ones that fit your organization and your brand is the most important step. We’ll get to know you, your digital goals, your business needs, and your capabilities, then we’ll work with you to create a paid, multi-channel strategy that works within your budget and maximizes your ROI. We’ll customize every detail to help you make the most of your investment.

Social Media Strategy

Having a social media presence is so much more than simply updating your Facebook page. This is one area that’s always changing, and our team stays on top of the trends to help you navigate the social space. When we work with your team to create a social strategy, we analyze your channels, audience, content, and even the resources you have available. Then we create an actionable plan to help you grow your fan base, engage with your audience, and build long-term relationships that contribute to your business goals.