We Build Better Experiences

BarkleyREI is different. Our agency understands that the best digital experiences are earned, not purchased. Our integrated approach to strategy, creative, and implementation allows us to apply our deep digital expertise while always envisioning the big picture.

On Brand
and On Message

Best-in-class digital solutions should bring your brand story to life while effectively communicating your key messages and differentiators to your target audience. We will work with you to become experts in your strategic branding to carry the red thread of your brand through all of your digital experiences.

Strategically Designed

Our designers are rare individuals who are both artistically amazing and strategically minded. They will work with you to provide a sense of place and communicate your brand experience beautifully, across digital platforms.

Intuitively Organized

Every audience has unique needs and goals. We partner with you to understand the needs of your audience and to ensure they experience the content you prioritize along the path to completing their goals, no matter how complex your organization. Our digital solutions guide your audience to the content they need, quickly.


Digital experiences should look great and function perfectly regardless of the device upon which the user views them. Three years ago, responsive design didn’t even exist. Now it’s all we do.


For our higher ed clients and organizations that accept federal funds, accessibility has taken on a whole new importance. We incorporate best practices for accessibility long before they’re legally necessary to best serve our clients and end users.


We pride ourselves on creating web experience, not just web design. We strive to show the end user what they didn’t even know they wanted, but are really glad they found.

Our Team

Our team are all seasoned specialists. We don’t have a “B” team. It takes more than professionalism and experience to pull off the kinds of enterprise-level projects we handle. It takes people with empathy, understanding, excitement, and passion to keep integrated projects on track. It takes the kind of people who partner with you rather than just vend to you. We are those people. From the newest developer to our most seasoned client services director, we are a team that succeeds in bringing our clients projects home on time, on budget, and with exceptional client relationships. We partner with you to deliver your solution and celebrate success.